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The Bird House


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Memorial Day

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Ceremony Site
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  shasta lodging 5The Chalet and Birdhouse (in back)

       cabin shasta
                           Chalet Downstairs south


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Bear Cabin

shasta lodging
     Bear cabin downstairs

patio table and chairs
Casual Comfort

Horse Heven Meadows
part of large meadow

Meadow Visitors
group saying goodby waving hands
Back home - A Parting Pose

By sharing a weekend, especially at this gorgeous location,
your friends and family have  time to learn the personalities
of the other significant people in your life.
This fosters harmony and understanding as you refer to the difficulties
and successes of each other in the future.
All day long guests gasp in disbelief when viewing the grounds, cabins and surroundings.

Lightning Bolt
              Random Pictures  

Another Rainbow
Wedding couple22
September 9, 2001

wedding couple with children
5 years later

10 years later couple with kids
May 2015


mountains and three people
Seven Lakes Basin
shasta lake
Pond Lilly


honymoon shasta


Honeymoon Suite  ;-)
Enjoy the private view of
Castle Crags and the entire Shasta valley.
castle crags
Castle Crags from the "Suite"

Oh so pretty ..
Local Vistas

Gray Rocks, eye of the needle passage
shasta waters
Castle Creek
bus at driveway
  Party Up
bue to Shasta Weddings
Easy Access
bus to shasta weddings
                       and Party Down

                            Party All Around
shasta lakes
                           Cool Water
wedding venoe northern california



Cabin room for 35-50

The Deluxe

shasta lodging 3
The Chalet

shasta lodging 3
The Bird House
shastaflowers and mountain
Along the walkway
mount shasta 23