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The following are typical questions and answers for the policy in place at that time.
There might be changes or misstatements so you should double check
with Shasta Weddings before booking.

We book many weddings site unseen. So we try to paint as accurate a picture as possible.


Does the resort really look as good as your web site shows it?

SHASTA WEDDINGS - It really looks much better.
wedding lawn         wedding meadow
wedding party 1         wedding party 2

Many couples book sight unseen and are ecstatic (or relieved) when they visit.
Guests sometimes complain that this web site does not do justice to the location.
Your friends and family will thank you (and us) for this astonishing venue.
It's like you did it yourself.


What's so special about this place?

mountains and lawn

SHASTA WEDDINGS - Shasta Weddings allows you to rent the facility for your use only over a weekend.
This is a destination wedding venue that provides most of your needs for a Venue, Reception, meals and Lodging for guests.

Destination wedding always require some drive time
and fortunately the drive to Shasta Weddings is engaging itself ... from north or south.

All typical wedding events are available to you as well as all guest meals and cabin or camping.
We are expert in our services and satisfaction is nearly 100%.

The summer weather is perfect with temperatures usually 70 -80 degrees.
   The temerature has never been over 90 degrees.

       Most importantly your weddings will be cool, relaxed and fun.

"The Venue cost for an overnight wedding is typically
less than the cost of an ordinary 6-8 hour wedding."

CHARM - The story-book village cabin arrangement is uniquely charming.

PRIVACY - The cabins are close enough to create a community environment, yet far enough apart to provide ample privacy.

BOND - The resort was created to facilitate relaxed communication and group spirit.
To compliment the natural beauty of the forest, you have the Community House, a Campfire, Trails
and even the Sidewalks as ingredients in a formula of simplicity and eloquence that can ease human interaction.

          This will be the foundation of your marriage.


What might I miss if I choose the Shasta Weddings environment?

SHASTA WEDDINGS - A masonry cathedral instead of a spectacular mountain range
that came all the way from China 400 million year ago (on your wedding day ;-)

                 sign and cabin    girl and river
No neighbor complaints, no sirens, road traffic or trains interfearing with your event.

Also .. essencially ... "no fleas, no flies , no ticks no mosquitoes.
      No poisonous snakes, poison oak or ivy".
                    ........ It is simply too cool .........


Wedding Lodging                           
A Village for a Wedding Venue


What's the weather like?    

- OK, maybe just nearly perfect, typically around 70-75 degrees during the summer.
                              We often sleep in the yard.

In contrast the Central Valley lakes and towns; Shasta Lake, Mt. Shasta, Redding, Chico, Sacramento, Fresno, Merced, etc are frequently over 100 degrees and with out appreciable shade. or pleasant breeze.
Shasta Weddings is about 20 degrees cooler than the Redding, Chico and Shasta Lake communities.

Don't get your guests hot, sweaty and irritable, keep 'em cool at our local secret swimming holes.


How do I arrange for all the other details of my wedding?    

- This is our expertise.

We have many local contacts for quality goods and services.
We can arrange or help you arrange for the seemingly mountains of details.


     cabin and lawn  spring meadow


We would love to visit your venue, but I understand that the route gets snowed in during the winter months.
When might be the soonest we could come for a site visit?

Often you can visit earlier but we wait until June 1st to host weddings



Do you use site visits to discuss wedding logistics (such as food, decor, costs, etc.), or, are these
details conducted via telephone/email?

Sure, you will have many questions that are answered best with a visit.

ome brides join our staff in a prior wedding so that they can see behind the scenes.
You are always welcome to contact Shasta Weddings for planning.


As for a date, we haven't decided on one yet, but we were originally thinking late summer (Aug or Sept).
However, I'm curious how dry it is at that time of year? Is there a month or two that you find more enjoyable than others,
or find more suitable for weddings? Many of your pictures display flowers- are those season-round? :)

cabin and flowers   Bride and Parents  flowers and mountain

During the summer the days are "boringly beautiful"
and because of the reliability of the weather we encourage weddings to book with us.

We​ have flowers blooming at different times of the season and stay pretty green through mid-October.
Spring starts in May. June, July, August and September are beautiful and never too hot.
Early to Mid October is full Fall colors.


QUESTION:       ?
"We aren't anticipating any cancellation, but we are a little bit nervous about not being able to see the location.
However, you mentioned that 50% of your guests reserve sight unseen and are always happy- so that's good assurance!"

Cancellations are rare and costly to us since we close the weekend from others.
nd we miss a great party.
But cancellation insurance is also typically included in the Wedding Insurance policy from our preferred provider.



On another note, what type of sound system do you have? Do bands/ DJs usually bring their own speakers?

SHASTA WEDDINGS -  mini jack your mini jack
Our sound system, Pee Vee Amp and Speakers is quite powerful and it is set up to accept an ipod, computer or anything that uses a mini jack.
        It works well and can be used for the ceremony too.
DJ's and bands bring all of their own equipment and do not have access to our system.
They have access to a 20 amp breaker at the Ceremony and Reception sites.
The Ceremony and Reception sites are about 100 feet apart and have ample shade after 4:00 pm.


My parents are divorced ...

​ SHASTA WEDDINGS -  handshake

KUMBAYA - Some couples have worried about parental animosities but this setting frequently resolves issues simply by its appearance. The feeling of unity is overwhelming and is condusive to re-establishing previous relationships.

You have the best of opportunities now to let your parents meet again in a friendly environment
but with plenty of escape options. They will not want to upset your wedding.

           Your friends will want to meet them so they can figure you out    ;-)

Do you have a working menu in place for Friday Dinner, Saturday Breakfast, Saturday Lunch and Sunday Breakfast?

​Yes, we certainly do.
  Coffee (strong) and teas are severed at meal time.

Friday Night typical BBQ menu:
Kobe trim burgers with cheese option, garden burgers, Hebrew national dogs, chicken sausage
beans - vegetarian, salad - Caesar and a protein salad option , watermelon and s' more's for dessert.

Breakfast Saturday
8:30 to 10:00 - 8:30 - Cereal and milk assorted fresh fruit.
9:00 - Scrambled eggs, hot cinnamon rolls, keilbosa, assorted fresh fruit, juice.

Lunch Saturday
Assorted per-made sandwiches and condiments for guests to enjoy later.
We typically make 70% turkey, the rest roast beef, salami, and ham.
  Vegetarian usually like cheese sandwiches and fruit and snacks are typically available.
The lunch is available once breakfast slows down, so that quests can go for a hike or swim.

Sunday Breakfast
8:30 to 9:30 or earlier with strong coffee of course.
Warm bagels with assorted cream cheeses, yogurt, cereal and milk, fresh fruit mix, and juice.

Drink Station
This drink station contains coffee, tea (iced and hot), water and lemonade and disposable cups.
Shasta Weddings has the best water in the world: Your quests might bring a refillable water bottle or two.


cabin and flowers and table

​How many tables/chairs do you have and what shapes are they/how many people will fit at each table comfortably?
Are these included in the rental fees?

We have 8, 60" round tables, which seat 8 people each.
The remaining tables are rectangular are 6 foot tables, which seat 7 at each.

wedding photographer