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Cabins are the heart of wedding activity.
The bride, groom, and your family
constantly walk by and interact all weekend ... You finally "get together"

Each cabin is as unique as your family guests
The cabins are built for home sharing comfortably for one of your last nights together.

They are individual in appearance and comfort, they give a feeling of a community
And ... lodging usually includes parking, day use, activities, party with campfire and often all non-Reception meals!
Up to fifty people can share these cabins and a sidewalk trail that takes
guests to the other cabins, ceremony, reception, party and campfire areas

Guests spend most of their time outdoors because of the predictably perfect summer weather and hike, jog, swim and explore the unspoiled beauty and easy access to the surrounding forest.
Some guests prefer to sit around and enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of Shasta Weddings.


The BEAR -  Sleeps  2 - 6

  1 pillow  =  Single   
  2 pillows = Double

This cabin was built by a livery owner in Redding. He also enjoyed his skills in distilling whiskey and storing vats underground.
Harry built the cute Spring House from riverbed rock as his refrigerator solution for a cool constant

The source of the East Fork of the Trinity River rises from an artesian well, cools the spring house and flows into a quaint pond before flowing off property and being appreciated by all the giant conifers and their spotted owl inhabitants.

Hover for Layout  

                                           wedding cottage shasta   

bear2         bear1 
                                                           Above: 2nd Level- Main Room of the Bear Cabin
Upstairs loft is not shown (sssh the baby bears are sleeping) The Bear cabin is the most private of the inner cabins. It is slightly further from the Community House, campfire and campgrounds.
Often the bride and groom take or share this cabin.
           It is exceptionally cute.

                              Never show it to Children   



       The Chalet

         Sleeps - 7-12 Adults-
        This is most popular with brides
who want to spend a last unmarried night with their family.
  It has five sleeping areas, a kitchen, two baths, patio and  campfire
. It is also very close to the bridal prep room


                   Wedding Cabins
  Wedding Cabin Bed
                 Chalet Kitchen Chalet Bedroom
         Chalet Outside
               Rustic Wedding site

From Chalet to the Deluxe and ceremony grounds


Downstairs has two double beds and bathrooms with showers.

Upstairs opens to a double bed and continues to another double bed.



The Deluxe

The Deluxe is the largest and most central to all activities.

   It has a partial wrap around porch that faces the ceremony site.
Inside it has an upstairs sleeping loft, kitchen and bath
and two beds downstairs.

                            Sleeps 5 - 9 Adults                                        Click picture for Layout


          cabin bed 1                    
             deluxe kitchen 1
                                                         Deluxe downstairs and looking to Kitchen. 

       Tree House 

  Tree House

                           This cabin (C) has a rear shower and great front view of the Trinities.
This Layout   shows three single beds upstairs (loft) but there are now only two.

                cabin bath                   wedding cabin 91
                             Left of bed                                            Downstairs North half of Tree


                   Chalet Cabin 
The Tree, Chalet and Birdhouse Cabins
The Tree cabin (above left) has the easiest handicap access
It also is close to the Chalet (above right) and the Deluxe cabins



   The Ranger Station 

                6 - 9 adults

                      Layout for Ranger Station

A refurbished USFS Ranger Station

It has three bunk bedrooms and the shower and a restroom nearby.
It is about 200 feet from the campfire and main activity are
wedding cabin 92

       The Ranger is apart from the crowd, nicely tucked into the forest trees and brush


      The Bird House ~11 Adults                                                     bird1

Layout Birdhouse

Downstairs ... sleeps 5
Upstairs ... sleeps 6

1 pillow  = Single,
2 pillows = Double 

wedding guest cabin


The Bird House is popular with extended families - cousins, close friends  and parents or grand-parents who use the front bottom bed room and can overview the whole event- It's a great place to sit and watch the activities.


   wedding guest cabin11    wedding guest cabin1

cabin porch tree bed 1







        cabin porch fence



     TRAILS, etc. 

                       nature hike   Deer friends  wedding flower



Wedding camping


                                                         Camping Shasta Weddings

              Campers are welcome to stay up late and enjoy the community campfire.
Showers and restrooms are close by.




campfire wedding
Everyone loves a campfire