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    cabins and grass
                                Relaxed and secluded. The Ceremony, Reception and Lodging areas share 40 acres


labeled grounds and lodging

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                  Gorgeous Hand Crafted Mountain Cabins

                 Shasta Weddings cabins are cute, cute cute!

But don't stay here for a woodsy cabin experience
... your cabin is for sleeping at night or a day nap.
You will be busy hiking, swimming,
enjoying the coolness
or sipping a beer.

You can spend an afternoon just enjoying the flower beds,
lawn and pure air and water.

There are no annoying planes, trains or highway noise.

They will not see city telephone poles, stop sign and traffic lights.


guests also enjoy meals that are delicious, locally grown
and more than ample sized crowd pleasers.

They don't miss out on any of the activities
And since Shasta Weddings cabins and camping sites are blocked for your exclusive use you will have many opportunities to meet your new extended family and friends.




Minimum - Maximum:
Overnight Cabin lodging is typically between 25 - 50 guests.
Overnight Camping lodging is limited to 150 guests.


QUALITY:These are unique custom built home style cottages
in an alpine fairy-tale village setting
. It's hard to believe.

MISSION: You will meet the friends and families of the wedding couple.
The cabin village is uniquely designed to introduce friends and family.
Guests share many positive casual interactions playing games, hiking, swimming, etc.
or just enjoying a beverage lounging around at the campfire.




     Cabins:             for ~ 50 guests




      The BEAR -   2 - 6               

              1 pillow = Single,   
              2 pillows = Double


             Mouse Over or Click for Layout 

     wedding cabin  
The Bear Cabin is slightly offset from the other cabins

bear1                                bear2

                                                                  2nd Level- Main Room of the Bear Cabin
                                                                                 First Level

Cabin kitchen

Upstairs loft not shown (sssh the baby bears are sleeping)


The Bear cabin is the most private of the inner cabins.
It is slightly further from the Community House, campfire and campgrounds.
Often the bride and groom take or share this cabin.
It is exceptionally cute.

Never show it to children



 The Chalet - 7-12 Adults-
This is most popular with brides that want to spend a last unmarried night with their family.
It has five sleeping areas, a kitchen, two baths, patio and campfire.

                                                                        It is also very close to the bridal prep room.

                                                                       Click picture for Layout

Blending in ...

            Layout Upstairs



Looking from living room to kitchen

Living rooms and lower bathrooms


Flower Bed
Note the Tree cabin is to the left and the Bird House is to the right.



The Deluxe - Sleeps 5 - 9 Adults

This is most popular with the Groom's family and
it is often used with the Tree House
he Deluxe is most central to all activities and is equally cute as all other cabins.

                             Click picture for Layout       Deluxe Wedding Cabin

                                                     The Deluxe

          Look at that sky! Breath easy.

Deluxe Wedding Cabin
The wrap around porch gives you an excellent view of the ceremony site


          deluxe_kit part
Deluxe downstairs and looking to Kitchen
Additional beds upstairs



 Tree House


5 - 8 people

Deluxe Wedding Cabin
                                        .........  The old look but current Layout ...........


shasta cabin
The new look


The Tree House (left) has the easiest handicap access
It also is close to the Chalet (above right) and the Deluxe cabins

Left of bed -->

Downstairs North half of Tree



 The Ranger Station    6 - 9 adults

         Layout for Ranger Station

This is a sleeping cabin popular with friends who want a bed rather than camp.
Or as a place for young children that might over vocalize at night, etc.

It is a refurbished USFS Ranger Station primarily used as a sleeping cabin.

It has three small bunk bedrooms for those
who want (or need) to be away from the main group.
The shower and restroom is shared with campers.

It is about 200 feet from the campfire and main activity area.




 The Bird House ~11 Adults

The Bird House is popular with extended families -
cousins, close friends  and parents or grand-parents
who use the front bottom bed room.
It's a great place to sit and watch the activities.





Photo by Cliff Photography


   Layout Birdhouse

Downstairs ... sleeps 5
Upstairs ... sleeps 6

1 pillow  = Single,
2 pillows = Double 

Up Stairs private porch


Downstairs Middle Room
wedding cabin bird
Front Bedroom - Left

Front Bedroom - Right
Comfy Room in the center of Chalet/Bird House Activity

Deer friends



                                               The Tree, Chalet and Bird Cabins


With a View


Castle Crags State Park, CA
Site: "Battle of Castle Craigs", John Muir



The Camping fee usually includes
meals and all other activities.

Campers are welcome to stay up late and enjoy the community campfire
and keeping conversation level low enough for others to sleep.


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