reception dinner 




Welcome Rehearsal BBQ


A first gathering that works great!

Typically Kobe beef, dry aged hamburgers and
apple chicken sausage grilled to perfection or
Hebrew National all beef hot dogs for those die hard dog lovers.

Cheese on any of these grilled goodies is available too.

We also have a vegetarian non-meat option for our vegetarian and vegans.


BBQ beans (special Vegan recipe), Organic corn on the Cob,
Caesar salad, watermelon slices and all the trimmings
to finish off a great BBQ.


OH... but don't forget dessert ... S'mores by the campfire!!!


    Saturday Reception Dinner


You have many options available for your Reception Dinner
such as approved caterers, self-catering and kitchen rental.

  All these options can be easy on your budget. 
A catered dinner is typically only
.00 (that's a 2 and a 5)/pp

Choosing a caterer is actually easy.
We have many great caterers and brides see their wide latitude of choice as a plus.
Besides our recommendations you can usually select your own caterer
or rent our Kitchen if a family member or friend volunteers.






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