Mile High and Summer Cool


Fairytale weddings

Once up on a time ...
       in a (secret) little hamlet



Pictures cannot capture the quiet beauty

Shasta Weddings is an Aesop "10"

But it's NO Fable

... the water is addictive
The air is fresh and pure.
The mountains came from

The sky is midnight blue


But no planes, trains and automobiles

or nature's pesky friends.


Pictures cannot capture this quiet beauty

Simple geophysics provides the beauty


and people lent a hand

Everyone will remember where your lives began.


Though you might say goodby you'll be taking home new friends


 Shasta Weddings is the real item 

Nothing Compares!



 and so many Shared Activities  

  at night around the campfire  

and partying On-Site too


Families and friends share
many informal experiences with each other.
Shasta Weddings itself becomes the common bond between guests

View from the Reception site to the Ceremony site and Cabins


Swimming Holes
Your friends and family will appreciate what you have done for them

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