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                          Thank Your Guests     ... with a COOL and

                          Gorgeous Secluded Village and Fun ADVENTURES
                                     as Your Wedding Gift to them!

                                            - SPECTACULAR  WEEKEND WEDDINGS   -                                              
                                       Fly to Sacramento, SF, Redding CA or Medford OR                                      

    mountain wedding couple Castle Crags wedding
    "I can't imagine getting married anywhere else!"


                                  Wedding Central- Northern California Weekend Wedding Venue-
                                     Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Chico, Napa, Redding,
    Eugene, Portland and Seattle Weddings

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                                  -- HEAT--
                                                           MILE HIGH, SUMMER DRY AND WAAAY COOL!

      Cool Northern California Wedding Venue

    Layout Below
    labeled grounds and lodgingwedding lodgingwedding party leaving
                              It's a Crowd Pleaser too



    Shasta Weddings is a venue
    for your friends and families to meet each other.

    Many weddings never achieve this goal
    yet it is an almost overwhelming bridal concern.

    This is our goal


    We do it well too!
    The physical layout was designed for guest interactions

    but your guests can also have soitude or small group gatherings.
    A central campfire and Community House are always available.

    Add in the natural beauty, peacefule forest,
    spectaculat walks and hikes, cool swimming and other activities,
    the lack of traffic and unburried power lines.

    Shasta Weddings
    is extremely successful in guest satisfaction


    The cost is inexpensive.

    Your cost is:
    1) The Venue Grounds and a per person fee.
    2) The Reception Dinner (typically $25 per person)

    The Bar, Patio, etc. are included.

    Lodging cabins and camping are available On-Site
    so your guests will not need to drive!
    Lodging cost is also inexpensive and includes all non-Reception meals

    The cabins are fairy-tale historic custom built cute cabins for 20-50 people.
    Camping room is available for many more.

    wedding ceremony village lodging cabins
    The "Bear Cabin" - often for the Bride and Groom.



    WEATHER- Typically Perfect

    A "hot" day is in the 80s and guranteed not to raise above 90.
    Summer Water is always perfect.

    swimming rapids
    Private Swim Holes


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    SAMPLE WEDDINGS - Typical Agenda

            - Maids in America

    wedding bride1 wedding bride2 mountain wedding Cowboy Bride wedding couple formal dancing in the trees



    wedding flowers  wedding ceremony village lodging

    Mt. Shasta

    Mt. Shasta

    Northern California Weddings

    Nothing Compares to Shasta Weddings- Always Google Earth your Venue
    Look for Traffic, Train Tracks, and NNNneighbors!


    Typical Agenda

    Gorgeous California
    Weekend Weddings

    wedding ceremony and reception wedding location north california
    Relax with your friends and family



    castle creek near shasta weddings  swimming hole 3b

      wilderness weddings  swimming hole 123

    Swim water  
      Vistas, Hikes and Private Swimming Holes

    Classy-Relaxed Weddings

         boring wedding   fun wedding party
    Not This                                                         This!

    Tux to Dawn
    Weddings around the clock and around the world!
    Over the top Northern California Wedding Venue:
    Ceremony, Activities, Reception Meals and Lodging

    This is funner, n'epst pas?  If I do say.


    wedding theme
    Themed Weddings



    Where you can

    Beat the heat of
    Napa, Sonoma, Sacramento, Chico, Shasta Lake
    and most other Northern California wedding venues



    Browse Below - Ordinary Weekend wedding photos

  mountain wedding reception

wedding dress 2   wedding ceremony bride dress    



wedding guest idea 

 cabin weddings  wedding village private estate  
swimming hole     

                 Grounds Beds                                                                                                    


wedding reception2        wedding_bar

               Bar and Campfire                    

playground and tent
Young Kids Play

 swim hole    kid fishing 
 campfire wedding 
Cool Summers and Nightly Campfire

 wedding reception3
               Bring Your Instruments M


                     mountain wedding location  secluded wedding
                                                Incredible Vistas                                        Incredible Venue                   



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casual wedding dress
The Walk, From the Ready Room to the Alter


-Mr & Mrs. Sweeden-


unique wedding     
Bed-o in the Meadow     

Fantacy wedding
Relax and Enjoy the Weekend



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