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 Northern California Wedding Venue
                Northern California Wedding Venue  -  "The Most Beautiful place on Earth" 

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is much more than a place:
it's an attitude 
... of appreciation for life, breath and relief that such a place exists.
Pinegrila will never leave you.


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        Shasta Weddings - Pure and Gorgeous!

       Northern California Weddings -    


        All Inclusive
            Private and Exclusive

                      Delicious artesian spring water, fresh air, no trains or noisy highways

  Say "I DO"
    Then ... 

    Party Too - Let your wedding party PARTY!
                                The party never ends and lodgers don't have to drive home.


        All Inclusive -Your Venue also allows a BYO bar

√ Grounds - Entrance to a mile-high alpine forest of cool weather,
                       gorgeous flower beds, unique cottages and campgrounds,
                                parking and NO NEIGHBORS.

√ Cabins - Each of unique design for family comfort.

√ Ceremony - Mountain and Forest backdrops.
                        Chairs, arch and free setup and tear down


√ Reception - Tables, Chairs and Linen with free Setup and tear down
                        Party Patio, Campfire, DJ/Band areas

√ Music - Pro Amplifier and speakers for your sound files

√ Weather - Perfectly cool summer weather
                      (Dry and NEVER over 90 degrees)

√ Insurance - Liability with cancellation option

                                    -----    "The most Beautiful place on Earth"    -----



Gorgeous Shasta Weddings

wedding cottage shasta  Wedding Cabins

             CURRENT RATES:            


WEEK DAYS - No lodging
Monday - Thursday

$ 1495   Ceremony - 5 hrs
$ 1995  Ceremony & Reception - 8 hrs
$ 2495  Ceremony, Reception, Campfire & Party - 11 hrs


Friday PM - Sunday AM

 ------- $$$  SPECIAL NOTE $$$ -------- 

The venue fee includes cabin lodging for 35 to 50 guest.
Most couples ask their guest to help with the wedding cost
by contributing for lodging and food.
We can collect the lodging/food fee at check-in and hold it for the wedding couple.
This collected fee frequently returns much of the wedding cost.




These rates reflect the likely final cost of a wedding when you charge a cabin/food fee for about 33 guests.

A.  The One Night Stand-
      SATURDAY - SUNDAY,  Typically ~ $3 k+ as a final cost 


B. The Full Weekend-
      FRIDAY - SUNDAY,  Typically ~ $6 k+ as a final cost 

For Example:
A Full Weekend Wedding for 90 guests cost about $15,000 and includes 2 nights of cabin lodging for 50 guests
If your guest pay you a food and lodging fee of $100 per night you can keep $10,000.
Your actual wedding cost is only $5,000

NOT a typical 6 hour venue.
AND it also includes Parking, Hikes Trails and Vistas.
Lakes, Streams and Ponds.
Clean AIR and Cool Temperatures.

Shasta Weddings is unique in that you have few restrictions
on your activities other than safety and guest comfort concerns.


Contact - Wedding Rates

Send your estimated
DATE(s) and NUMBER of Guests Question





Cabin lodging is included for 25 - 50 guests.

NOTE: The bride and groom keep any lodging fee charged.
and we can collect for you.

Camping is also available but the fee is not included since most
campers are less sure of their ability to attend

All SHASTA WEDDING lodgers enjoy
a late night party with campfire

OFF-SITE lodging and camping is nearby


Prepare and serve meals to your on-site lodging guests
yourself, volunteers
or by your choice caterer.

SHASTA WEDDINGS  provides free use of
the Commercial Kitchen and venue Dump runs


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cabins at wedding venue

Lodging - All cabins are uniquely family home styled cottages, not motel type rooms
                    They are well heated and comfortable even though guests spend most of their time outdoors hiking, swimming or just mingling around the campfire.

The cabin beds are very comfortable
especially welcome after a late night campfire and beverage.



Reception Dinner - tables, linens and chairs are also included.
           We can recommend many approved local caterers


                    Party and Bar- BYO and No Corkage fee 

  Contact - Wedding Rates <-- Send your estimated DATE(s) and NUMBER of Guests


                                                                          from the campfire 

                                                                      A Photographer's Delight!

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