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Shasta Weddings Village Grounds

Shasta Weddings is a Fairy-tale Class Wedding Venue

- Memorial Day -


for couples who share their love with nature.

... and the added human garnishments;
deep blue green grass, colorful flower beds, campfires and storybook cottages.

The air is pure from the towering pine and fir, the artesian spring water is delicious,
the weather is summer cool and the back-droop is spectacular garnet mountains.

It is paradise!
There are no (well ... few) nuisances bugs, sirens, autos, overhead cables and lines.
Shasta Weddings, at Pinegrila, is electrically self sufficient, provides endless and delicious water and oxygen from thousands of tall conifers.

The atmosphere is relaxed.
The nearest neighbor is about 10 miles away.


Cabins - link

The cabins are homey family style cottages that are used primarily for sleeping since the good weather and activities are so close.

Lodging typically includes all
non-reception meals too!

The bride and groom usually assign a sleeping location for you so you will not have to make reservations yourself.

If you prefer traffic, shopping, and tourists
off-site lodging is plentiful.

Cabin guests typically enjoy the entire weekend but a "no show" policy provides some cost protection to the booking couple.




The typically perfect temperatures make camping an enjoyable option. And since meals are usually included you need no pots and pans.
Smoking is restricted to a safe camp area.




For full weekend weddings on-site lodging includes all meals except the Reception dinner which is provided by the bride and groom.

The food served is fresh and generously proportioned.
Options for gluten free, vegetarian and vegan diets are available too.




Shasta Weddings is 15 miles south of Mt. Shasta, CA. and overlooks Castle Crags State Park.

It is midway between Portland and San Francisco and Seattle and Los Angeles.
The best airport is Sacramento or Redding.

From I-5 you drive for about 25 minutes to the top of the mountain and enjoy a spectacular view of Castle Crags and Castle Creek canyon.

It's a nice backdrop and just a mile away!

You will receive specific directions
by the wedding couple.



We attract many many couples who grew up enjoying and embracing a love for nature by camping, hiking, climbing and secluded swimming.

The surrounding lakes, trails and vistas are astounding and unspoiled.

The location is conveniently remote -
only 12 paved miles from I-5

And the grounds of Shasta Weddings are gorgeous.

No need to leave the venue and split up the new friends and families just when everyone has loosened up.

And, no need to drive home when you bed is a minute away.
Off-site visitors are encouraged to arrange for a designated driver.



California Summer Fires -
Shasta Weddings is above the smoke of almost all fires common to valley land.
Typically the air purity is the best of the west!

Smoke is a ground hugger.


Clothing -
The weather is typically perfect 70-85.
Nights are cool enough for sweats.
Rain is unusual after June 1st but you might be prepared.
Campers have emergency shelter.


Bugs -
Basically it is too cool for nuisance bugs like mosquitoes, fleas, flays, Nooo-seeums, and gnats.
In fact the cold of winter sanitizes
beddings and towels.

You are not likely to find poison oak or ivy, or even snakes. Bear are rare and used as bate by your security Airedale terriers "Annabel" and "Gwen".

Sheets and Towels -
Supplied of course for cabin guests .
But bring a towel for the swimming holes.


Medical -
Mt. Shasta hospital is about 45 minutes away.
Shasta Weddings is 5500' (about 1 mile) high.
The height can be discomforting to some elders needing supplemental oxygen but the oxygen output is actually relatively high.

The need for lower elevation has occurred two or three times in 20 years.

Diabetic insulin can be stored when needed.
Sidewalks are designed for wheelchair usage.


Meals -
Meals served by Shasta Weddings are generous, healthy, and can be gluten free.

Your group meet and eat together so you will have time to meet new people who will become part of your extended family.

The Reception dinner is typically provided by a caterer selected by the bride and groom.


Drinks, etc-
A bar is provided for your beverage.
Tobacco and similar smoking
must be fire safe
such as at the campfire.



Weather -
Late May is often about 100 degrees in the Sacramento - Redding Valley -

Shasta Weddings
is 20 degrees cooler, or 80 degrees for the high!

It has Never been over 90
Never never .. ( maybe just once by mistake)

Camping -
Campers are encouraged to travel light.
All meals are typically included and the weather is mild,
never hot.

Open flames are not allowed so bring battery operated stuff.
The Campfire is 2 minutes away and open all night!
The toilet and showers are private and nearby.

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Please give your bride/groom your opinion now:

Activities -
You will have a leisurely pace of simple and enjoyable
activities from the time that you arrive until
you leave refreshed for once.

You will move into your cabin or setup a campsite,
stop for a refreshment, explore your immediate surroundings remembering that you
saw no power
poles, water lines, or much traffic driving up.

All these distractions are gone.
Only deep blue sky, pure air and
delicious water remain at this quaint village.

Directions for local hikes, drives and swimming holes are
available for more pristine destinations.

swimming rapids


And you can always sit and relax
near your cabin and just enjoy the forest



Most Importantly
Make an effort to meet and enjoy your new and old friends.
It's easy at this beautiful spot.