Mt. Shasta
Wilderness Retreat
Outdoor Wedding
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                            A private small village in the  heart of the Shasta/Trinity Mountains


     The following is typical of a whole weekend wedding as described by another.



"Shasta Weddings is perfect for weekend weddings!
    The comforts of home, guest activities and delicious meals.
First off, John and Beth are kind hearted generous people. 
Their main goal is to provide a naturally beautiful setting for awesome weddings.

Of course all Brides and Grooms have a different vision of how they want to get married 
so every wedding has been unique and wonderful. 
The resort has its natural beauty of meadows, surrounded by giant pine trees and the enhanced 
beauty of lawn, planting areas and gentle hard-scape.

The bride and groom have great latitude with how set it up. 
From small simple weddings to huge extravagant weddings and everything in between. 
They have all been fabulous occasions.

What makes it so great here is that the families and friends of the bride and groom get to know each other. 
If the bride and groom live in the same town as both parents, 
then spending time together is probably already something they do.

If the two families live in different areas, this may be one of the only times they get together 
and it gives them a great opportunity to get familiar with each other.

Friday about 3:30 the party will begin with people checking in to their cabins or
setting up their tents in the campgrounds. 
The Groomsman and Bridesmaids’ will be unloading the bar, flowers and typical wedding items. 
After things are settled the guests will come out of their cabins and gather at the outside tables,
relax in one of the hammocks or head up to the perch to view the new
“little village” belonging to that particular Wedding. 

The rehearsal takes place, follow by a hardy meal prepared by the Pinegri-la staff and the fun begins. 
A sound systems is provided for back ground music or dancing. People are beginning to mingle,
the children have found their play area and the nighttime lights and fireplace are transforming
the area into a jewel in the forest. 

Saturday morning starts with Coffee at the Community House with staff making breakfast
The Breakfast consist of Kielbasa Sausage, Scrambled Eggs, Biscuits,
(along with Butter and Jam), Cinnamon Rolls, different kinds of Fruit and Cereal
(heart healthy Cheerios and sweet stuff).

     Guess what Campers, no cooking necessary, when was your camping trip was catered?

Saturday afternoon, most of the guest take off on a hike or go to the swimming holes 
and take along a sack lunch that you pack yourself in the Community House. 
You don’t have to go hiking off, you could just enjoy the natural beauty, read a book or take a nap. 
Later on the Wedding Party starts getting ready the Bride and Bridesmaids have a great "Ready Room".


                            --------Wedding Time ---------

The Wedding usually starts around 4:30 pm, the natural lighting is great at this time.
Shadows cover the guests the temperature is typically ... 65 - 85 degrees.

The Hors d’Oeuvres/Wedding meal usually starts around 6:30 pm. 
This is the only meal that gets catered by another group of people. 
After that the party starts and it’s up to you if you want a band, DJ or plug a device into the sound system.


 There is no curfew and S’mores are provided at the fireplace.

Sunday morning starts with Coffee (we aim for 7:00 am) at the Community House
with staff making Breakfast served between 8:00 am through 10:00 am.
The Breakfast consist of Bagels of many flavor’s, Fresh Herb Cream Cheeses,
a zillion different Condiments,
Fruit and sometimes, when available leftover Wedding Meats like thinly sliced tri-tip
(with the brides permission of course), and Cereal (heart healthy Cheerios and sweet stuff)
and some “parting music” that evokes both sadness that the event is coming to a close but also
“WOW” we had a good time!
Although there is not an official check out time, people start making their ways to their cars
and go down the mountain in the morning.



          AGENDA ~

Friday 3:30
              Meet and Greet Guests:
                           - Register, Itinerary, Plan Activities, Relax
                           - Guests Unpack, Explore the Resort and meet friends and family  

     california wedding venue cabins
                                         Cabin Village
Explore the Local Areas

california wedding venue wilderness

                                                   ... side yards
5:00 - 1:00 AM
          Bar, BBQ, Relax, Dance with Campfire, Cabins, RVs or Camp
wedding reception bar
wedding reception bar2
                                                                                                           BYO BAR
     Your schedule
wedding agenda  swimming people 
                          Typical Agenda
7:30 am             Coffee, tea, lemon aid beverage bar all day
  8:30 -   9:00               PJ Breakfast,
  9:00 - 10:00            Breakfast, Hot
10:00  -  2:00            Swimming, Hiking, Jogging, Vistas, etc
Cool (secret) swimming holes
wedding venue swim

  1:00 -   3:00   Welcome off-site guests, point to bar, encourage sidewalk viewing and socializing

  2:00 -   4:00   Ready Room- Ceremony Prep Party   

bride prep cabin 

4:00 - 5:00Ceremony

northern california wedding venue outdoor

           5:30 - 6:30    Hors d'ouveres and Bar  

northern california wedding reception outdoor 


                                       northern california wedding reception bar outdoor

                                        and Bridal Photos:

     northern california wedding outdoor wedding coupple 1      northern california wedding outdoor wedding coupple 2 northern california wedding outdoor wedding coupple 4

        northern california wedding outdoor wedding coupple and friends

        northern california wedding outdoor wedding coupple and friends 2

 northern california wedding outdoor wedding coupple and friends 3
6:30      Dinner
northern california wedding outdoor reception 2
VIDEO: -  Reception, Campfire and Party Area to Cabins



   wedding cake       wedding campfire


  - Music and Party
            wedding venue music


wedding venue music 1 wedding venue dance                                               wedding party

                                                         A comfortable night's sleep ...

wedding lodging 1


wedding lodging 2



       8:00 -   9:30          Departure Breakfast

     10:30 - 12:00      Bride, Groom and Venue review


Mt. Shasta

shasta weddings venue 1



Great Weekend!


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