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Shasta Weddings has a Spectacular satisfaction rate!
14 years of weekend weddings.

This is largely due to the absolute beauty and relaxed atmosphere
of Shasta Weddings.

Not a single significant bride or groom "complaint" during a wedding weekend
and g
uest satisfaction forms show 100% satisfaction

Over 15,000 guests, from Tea parties to "Tea" smokers
and have fewer than one percent total complaints at any time.

Happily, 99% of all Security Deposits are returned.


But everyone loves a


! Wedding Horror Story !

In general, these are from a few who:

1. Seriously breeched their contract owing money

2. We choose not to book.   (Right, it goes both ways)

3. Were charged for destruction, assisted sneak-in guests, etc.


Contact the reviewers and ask for actual facts
because "false statements intended to harm" are illegal.
Also note that several reviewers are pseudo-names.



Also, sometimes couples become upset when they wait too long to book.

This is understandable and our standard signature reminds couples that
dates are reserved by deposit and the first deposit gets the date.


We do actively seek out ways to improve everyones comfort
and to reduce
wedding stress.

We actually appreciate real critiques since they are so rare.
It is amazingly easy to provide a relaxed setting and it costs nothing.



If you have any specific information or concern
      please contact us ...



... and relax, enjoy the party!