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(Shasta Weddings)
Summer Cool - Weekend Mountain Weddingsh

Weddings from Redding, Chico, Sacramento, Fresno, Stocton, Red Bluff,
San Francisco, Napa, Mendocino, Eureka, Seattle, Portland and LA

Plan your entrance. 

Five star wedding backdrop

        Nature for neighbors


A cottage village

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Northern California Venue Locations

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 All Inclusive AND NO CURFEW!

Not This                                                         This!

Tux to Dawn
and no time to yawn!
Over the top Northern California Wedding Venue:
Ceremony, Activities, Reception Meals and Lodging

World Wide Weekend Weddings
Weddings from around the world!
Australia, England, Scotland, Russia, India, Afganistan, Israel, etc.
Believers, heathens, gang survivors, red necks and hippies.
All here exclusively to appreciate life on this spectacular Earth.

This is funner, n'epst pas?  If I do say.

The Spectacular Trinities
Trinity Divide
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Browse Below - These are not staged, clipped or anything but ordinary Weekend wedding photos.


All Inclusive Northern California Weekend Weddings 

Venue, Ceremony, Reception, Camping and Lodging

Cool Weddings from around the world

Beat the heat of Napa, Sonoma, Sacramento, Chico,
and most Northern California wedding venues







cabin area

Gorgeous Garden Weddings  

        Bar and Campfire      


Swimming Holes  



Delicious Dinners, even the chicken! 





Reception Party     



100% Happy Guests


Natural Beauty

 Mt. Shasta Chamber of Commerce   Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association 


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Spectacular Vistas

Quiet and Secluded
OK, It's Flat out Gorgeous!


Siginificent Moment


Bed-o in the Meadow